At Bestmix, we have the 2 most special days of the year, which is March 30th - the founding date of Bestmix Joint Stock Company and the other day is November 28th - the birthday of the great boatman, the chairman of the Joint Stock Company. Bestmix Mr. Dang Van Thach.

Referring to Bestmix Joint Stock Company - a Vietnamese brand created to help raise Vietnamese values ​​in the construction additive industry, it is impossible not to mention Mr. Dang Van Thach - Chairman of Bestmix, who founded and developed Bestmix to this day. today.

The start-up story of the President of Bestmix has inspired and inspired countless young boys and girls full of enthusiasm and passion. By the predestined they come to Bestmix, becoming partners, Bestmix gives them the opportunity to express themselves and from there they contribute not only to the development of the company but also more than to the development of themselves.

And then,

On November 28, it was very emotional when I received an article from an anonymous employee, from the emotion she got when she read the article about Bestmix President on the company's fanpage. Although "technical people" are dry, but you still want to rewrite from your own thoughts and feelings, sincerely and emotionally. Perhaps you have poured all your pride, respect and gratitude into this article, please post it here for all of us, the members of the Bestmix family, to read:

“In the early days of graduating from Da Nang University of Science and Technology, majoring in silicates, young Dang Van Thach, with knowledge, passion, energy and ambition, decided to leave Da Nang and enter Ho Chi Minh City. Minh and joined the technical department of Ha Tien Cement Company - the largest cement producer in the South at that time. That day, the manager saw Uncle's talent (I would like to call the Chairman Uncle) and chose to assign scientific research to the company when he was still in the stage of a trainee engineer.

In 1993, realizing the growing construction market, especially in the field of commercial fresh concrete production, Ha Tien Cement Company entered into a joint venture with foreign countries, opened Supermix Concrete Company, appointed Mr. was in charge of product engineering at the Technical Department - KCS. Understanding the difficulties and challenges because of the new and undeveloped nature in Vietnam, the company knows that it is necessary to send human resources to developed countries to learn and access technology and no one else can be bright. than Uncle. The alumnus continued on the path of research, learning about cement, concrete, materials that sounded really dry, but for the former student that year was a whole lively world where there was movement, transform, form the reaction of the particles to produce a grade, an optimal formula of concrete. Tired of working day after day with concrete mix and perhaps that's why people often say Uncle is "THACH CONCRETE".

With that ambition, he knew he had to create a Vietnamese brand for himself. He constantly learned how to manage, market demand, researched the best mix even later when working as a manager at Saigon RDC concrete factories, Tra My concrete company. When the time was right, Uncle Chu walked on his own path and established Sieu Cuong Joint Stock Company in 1999 - the predecessor of today's Bestmix Joint Stock Company, initially in the field of building materials - plastering powder. came to the production of the popular Super R7 concrete admixture at that time and now, after more than 23 years of developing the field of building materials additives with hundreds of different products, expanding factories and branches throughout the North and Central regions. , Male.

I used to be very impressed when holding on to the new product to test the mechanical properties - the model was made by you at 11:49 pm. He is still the same, still loves concrete, cement, sand and gravel, still engrossed in his work to the point of forgetting time. The quote that impressed me the most from Uncle was "Just focus on one thing you like, persistently pursue it, work hard with it, you will surely succeed". A great lesson for us young people today when we are easily dominated and too easy to give up.

Today, November 28, 2022 is Uncle's birthday and a special day for us members of Bestmix Joint Stock Company, of the Bestmix family. Wish you always healthy, happy, wish you to bring Bestmix company more and more development, more success, put Vietnamese brand on par with imported products. Confidently high quality Vietnamese goods.


In this day and age, young people have many opportunities to express their ego and passion, you have many choices. No matter which path you choose, you will not be able to avoid thorns and difficulties because the path to success is always like that, there are always challenges, your perseverance, perseverance and efforts, the search for success. A leader or a Mentor with a MIND - having a VISION will partly help you see that path brighter and clearer. And at Bestmix we are proud of having Uncle Thach, wish him always happy, healthy, steady hands to take the company further and further, bringing Bestmix not only firmly in the domestic market but also reaching out to the market. international School.