The central region, where the annual storms and storms here are almost a "specialty" that the people have to accept - because they have no other choice, they can only accept and fight together to overcome! The flood on October 14, 2022 came unexpectedly, quickly wreaking havoc on the places it passed, but we consider ourselves very lucky - when all the Bestmix family in the central region are safe!

Although there was not much loss of life, the consequences of the flood were not small, property and houses were submerged in the immense sea. Looking at the images of rain and floods leaving the central region, we understand and know what we need to do.

Dear customers who are Distributors of Bestmix products and Bestmix workers' teams in Da Nang, Quang Nam, Hue, Quang Tri, for the purpose of joining hands to overcome the consequences of natural disasters, support a small part. so that you can rest assured to continue doing business Bestmix Central branch has started and from today, Bestmix will:

- FREE EXCHANGE FOR BESTMIX PRODUCTS DAMAGED BY DRAIN, to reduce part of the damage for you, as well as ensure customers always use Bestmix's quality products.

- HELP AGENTS CLEAR THE STORE, so that they can resume business soon.

- BRING THE GIFTS OF CUSTOMERS TO BESTMIX GROUPS, to help you get through this difficult period. Details of the program will be directly contacted by the sales department of the central branch to the Dealers and Workers' Teams to deploy today.


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Over 23 years of establishment and development, Bestmix is ​​the leading brand in Vietnam in the field of additives and construction chemicals. With advantages in technology, production, distribution and construction capabilities, many of Bestmix's products have been trusted and selected at large projects throughout Vietnam. Bestmix's customer partners are known as: Bosch Vietnam, Thaco Truong Hai, Medisun, Nhat Nhat, Vina Acecook, Yuwa, Bachy Soletance, Hoa Binh, Central, An Phong, An Phu Gia....

With the motto "Building trust", Bestmix staff is always ready to advise and provide solutions suitable to each customer's needs and the characteristics of the projects.

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