BestSeal PU405

High elastic waterproofing membrane, polyurethane water-based, one component

  • One component, no limited construction time and easy to use, save, no wasted material.
  • High adhesion to all material surfaces: Concrete, brick, mortar, plaster, fibro-cement, glass, tile, metal...
  • High elasticity should still ensure waterproof ability even though structure concrete appears as tiny cracks due to elasticity of temperature changes.
  • Alkaline resistance, water resistance, and endurance well under the weather, especially for UV rays. 
  • Can use outdoor, stable quality, long life-span.
  • Easy to apply with the available tools: Roller, brush, spray nozzle...
  • Using outdoor and indoor
  • Non-flammable, odorless, and non-toxic to construction humans and the environment.

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