BestFlow R322

High-range water-reducing and set retarding concrete admixture

As a superplasticizer:

  • Increases concrete mobility (slump) without increasing the water/cement ratio.
  • Does not increase the risk of segregation (separation of water) during concreting.
  • Increase the plasticity of concrete, easy to construct, and easy to compact...
  • Increase the density of concrete, increase the waterproofing ability, and improve the concrete surface quality.
  • Minimize shrinkage, and cracking of the concrete surface.
  • Suitable for Vietnam's climate conditions.
As a strength enhancer:
  • Significant increase in early strength and final strength of concrete.
  • Allow reducing the dosage of cement without altering slump and concrete strength. 
  • Shorten progress and accelerated the progress of projects. 
  • Reduce the cost of concrete maintenance.

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