BestLatex R126

New to old concrete bonding and water-proofing agent

  • Excellent bonding and adhesion; Minimize shrinkage of volume during the curing process. Increase elasticity for sand and cement mortar. 
  • Increase the maximum waterproofing capacity for surfaces that are frequently exposed to water. 
  • Increase chemical corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. 
  • Stability in terms of chemical and physical properties. BestLatex R126 is an irreversible polymer emulsion, after application, BestLatex R126 develops a membrane-bonding network with silicate-derived surfaces when exposed to it so it is not converted to emulsion even under high alkalinity conditions. 
  • Non-toxic when cured, so it could be applied for waterproofing mortar directly in contact with domestic water. 
  • Increase the intensity of the plaster. 
  • Suitable for making mortars and patches where thin finishing layers are required.

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