BestSeal PU450

Exceeding- elastic waterproofing membrane of polyurethane water-based, one component

  • One component has no limited working time, easy to use, economical, and has no wasted materials.
  • High bonding strength for most types of materials such as concrete, fired brick, mortar, plaster, fibro-cement, glass, tile, metal...
  • High elasticity, and it performs waterproofing ability even when the concrete structure appears tiny cracks when expanding due to temperature changes. Good alkali resistance, water resistance, and weather resistance, especially for ultraviolet rays.
  • Good alkali resistance, water resistance, and weather resistance, especially for ultraviolet rays.
  • Easy to apply with available tools such as roller, brush, nozzle...
  • Non-flammable, odorless, and non-toxic to workers and the environment.

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